Virtual Travel: How to Tour the World

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November 1, 2020
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Virtual Travel: How to Tour the World

This lockdown due to Covid-19 have got us all locked up in our homes. That means no travelling, no sightseeing, no socializing, no nothing! This affected even the ones who don’t travel much. But what If I told you that you can travel around the world in the comfort of your house? Yes! I am talking about virtual travel experiences. You can travel through cities, museums, landmarks and even some exotic places through your mobile phones or computers. The only thing you need to do is visit

Why provides you 4k videos and explanatory blog writings about the cities, museums, landmarks and exotic places that you would like to visit but can’t due to restrictions and other various reasons. 

What makes different?

It is known that you can visit many museums virtually on their websites. It is also possible that you can search for a city that you would like to see on the internet and watch videos about it. What makes different is that it gathers all of them together for you, which means you can visit a museum first and then skip to a city and then to a landmark and so on and so forth. You can come across to a city or an exotic place which you have never heard of before and you can learn all about it! This must be the one of the perks of virtual travel experiences. The opportunity to jump from one place to another!

What will I find on

There are four main topics on Cities, Museums, Landmarks and Exotic Places. You can go through all of these topics for starters. Then, there is also a blog section where you can find blog writings about different topics which are related to travelling.  

Let’s see some examples and get an idea on how it would be like to have a virtual travel experience on!

Here you can see an example of the 4k video of New York City which goes on more than an hour and allows you to travel around the city like a New Yorker. In this video, you can also see many landmarks which are important to the city. And this is not the only example!

New York 4K

Ban Gioc Falls 4K

Have you ever heard of Ban Gioc Falls? No? Well, now you have! Thanks to this amazing video on you can have a grasp of what Ban Gioc Falls look like.

Louvre Museum 4K

If we can’t go to Louvre museum, then it will come to us! Come on then, let’s take a virtual walk around Louvre museum.

Well, these three examples already speak for themselves! Many more 4k videos and blog writings await you on We invite you to join us on this amazing virtual travel experiences!

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